Our Results

• Improved service levels, lower error rates, & higher customer satisfaction during sales peak that
   exceeded business projections

• Saved $2 million dollar re-licensing cost

• Reduced abandon rates from 12% to 2% & improved service levels without hiring staff

• Increased sales and decreased costs within the first quarter following implementation

• ROI of over 600%

• New call center in 5 months, 2nd site only 4 weeks later

• Improved monthly average service levels from below 50% to over 70%

• Customer satisfaction index rose by 18 points in two months

• 50% increase in processing capacity with no change in staffing level

• Review identified over $1,000,000 in cost savings, risk reductions, and process improvements.
   Projected ROI greater than 500%, projected payback in less than six months

• Reduced repeat calling rates by 30%

• Completed site evaluation and community selection process in 4 weeks


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