Our People

• Are Experienced: Each of our consultants has between 10 to 20 years of experience in technology and call center environments across many industries

• Are Business-focused: We are business and technology people — we focus on producing a business solution for you through the best use of the technology that’s the best fit for your needs.

• Are Independent and Objective: with no vendor ownership, investments, or other financial incentives to bias or influence our advice

• Provide ROI to you: our clients typically save our fee several times over in identified, implemented solutions, and/or in reduced vendor costs for licensing and services.

• Produce results quickly: most project timelines are measured in a few months. Most reviews are completed in four to eight weeks — some in a few days!

• Reduce your risks: our experience and our approach help you reduce the many sources of risk inherent in these complex projects.

• Team with you to see your strategies come to life: Strategies are only valuable when they work — consultants are only valuable when we contribute process, creativity, and insights that work to help you make your strategies reality. We know there is a direct relationship between the success of technology investments and process improvement initiatives and organizational buy-in. We work with you to increase your organization’s buy-in and ownership of solutions.

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