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Are you planning to:

Do more with existing resources – or with even less?
• Improve agent performance?
• Enhance or maintain customer relationships?
• Listen more closely to the Voice of the Customer?
• Improve a critical business process?
• Invest in contact center, CRM, or VOIP technology?
• Introduce a new product or service?

We can help you succeed! Serving executives responsible for customer satisfaction, customer service, and customer relationship management, we are experienced independent consultants specializing in contact center and CRM business processes, strategies, and technologies.

We find opportunities for improvement in businesses like yours that can be captured simply by using available resources more effectively. We help maximize returns and results from investments with call flow and business process improvements. Our proven approaches to agent performance management, analytics, Lean Six Sigma/BPM projects, and call center/CRM technology solutions deliver substantial benefits to our clients.

Some may ask, “In times like these, how can you afford to hire a consultant?” The real question is – how can you afford not to? By leveraging our expertise, our clients typically realize savings or gains from our advice or projects that are many times greater than our fees. The client compliment that best sums us up: “Working with you is what working with consultants is supposed to be like!”